About BLV Swiss health Club

BLV Swiss Health Club is a professional organisation in Switzerland, willing to provide health services to society. Its head office is located in Basel, including BLV Swiss Health Club, BLV Swiss Medical Base and BLV Swiss R&D Base.

BLV Swiss Health Club is responsible for establishing and managing health records for members benefiting from their services, executing data analysis, guaranteeing personalized service, enjoyable company and efficient coordination. The Club is committed to helping people maintain a healthy and peaceful lifestyle with simple and accessible scientific methods. The Club pays special attention to middle-aged members suffering from high levels of stress and symptoms of weakness by offering them safe and efficient health care.

BLV Swiss Medical Base and BLV Swiss R&D Base provide healing and healthcare interventions to members under the

coordination of BLV Swiss Health Club. Depending on the different physical and mental health needs of each member, the designated representative recommends and implements the necessary diagnosis and treatment plan, advises them on scientifically approved health and well being concepts, and informs them about new trends and the latest achievements in scientific research and development as well as high quality health products. Their goal is to promote the highest level of physical and mental health through anti-aging techniques and quality of life.

The responsibility of BLV Swiss Health Club is to set up a personalized service for members with adequate coordination, so that they are comfortable in their choice of planned solutions according to their own needs. The desired outcome is better control of their physical and mental state as well as a better life filled with tranquility and comfort.

BLV Swiss Health Club has 3 fundamental tasks:

Health Data Management

BLV Swiss Health Club establishes a health document for members by reassembling data such as natural information, health in focus, history of family health and history of health intervention, etc. Its representative then prepares the most appropriate medical health examination plan to members from more than 500 test indicators. This is one of the most advanced health assessments in the world and includes an anti-aging intervention to be undertaken at BLV Swiss Medical Base. Members are provided a detailed report, bilingual if necessary.

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Health Intervention Management

BLV Swiss Health Club relies on BLV Swiss Medical Base, located at the bottom of the Alps, to offer members a personalized and multidisciplinary treatment both physically and mentally and, depending on their needs, conceive a specific intervention plan with Swiss specialists.

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Health Care Management

Depending on climate change, the impact of the environment on the human body and the natural needs of the individual health, the R&D teamof BLV Swiss Health Club identifies the authenticity of the source of information among a variety of clues. It combines analysis and follow-up on the health data of members, providing them with scientific knowledge and methods for health care and inviting world-renowned experts to meet them and give demonstrations.

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